Mr. Vaibhav Kesharwani


Because he believes processes and systems grease the engine that creates business prosperity.

He discovered that companies struggle to reap maximum benefits from information technology due to gaps in development teams’ skill sets. Osr Business And Technology is now that ideal team. Mr. Vaibhav Kesharwani has a unique ability to translate business needs into technology solutions

As the founder of Osr Business And Technology, Mr. Vaibhav is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Critical factors to Osr Business And Technology success are his commitment to honesty and the channeling of his active and enthusiastic personality into the company spirit.

In his role as Founder, Mr. Vaibhav Kesharwani is responsible for Osr Business And Technology sales and marketing activities, including company brand and market position development, industry analysis, and public relations. He leads Osr Business And Technology global sales team and marketing professionals, and works closely with Osr Business And Technology leadership team to ensure the company is well-positioned for continued growth in key markets.

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