A golfer cannot successfully hit the ball unless he can see where he wants the ball to end up. The same is true for your business. We do not start a project until we have crystallized a high-definition business vision. Once that vision is complete, we help align your people and create processes and systems that pave the way for realizing your goals. Here are some of the ways we make it happen.

. Connecting with Prospects and Customers to Boost Business

With today’s empowered consumer, business is no longer about hunting. It’s about farming—planting the seed and nurturing it. You’re no longer simply working to close the sale, but to deepen the relationship, understand the prospect or customer’s needs, educate them, and be there for them when they need information or are ready to buy.

Websites, social media and mobile technology have changed the rules of sales and marketing. You can now connect with your customers 24/7, allowing you to:

Relate to your customers when the time is right. Perhaps a customer wants to check their billing status at 2 a.m. Or maybe they’re lost en route to your restaurant and are checking for directions on their smart phone. Today’s technology makes it possible to answer customer questions in real time and guide them where they want to go.

What are your prospects and customers talking about? Listen to them. Learn about their needs and interests. It’s possible through social media and by tracking their activity on your website. Then, based on what you learn, send messages that resonate with them, design products they’re looking for, and compel them to act.

The bottom line is technology can put in motion a higher and more personal level of service that results in boosting customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

Empower Employees and Power Up Productivity

We can develop technology solutions that can weave together the fabric of your organization, enabling users to collaborate, share ideas, discover information, and stay in sync with organizational challenges. When employees have essential information at their fingertips, they are empowered to make informed decisions in a flash, increasing productivity and morale.

Integrate with Vendors for Enhanced Efficiency

For fast results you need processes and systems that break down the walls within your company and also between you and your vendors. For example, with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, associates can make purchases that flow through your internal approval process, moving without delay. But information also needs to find its way back and forth between your company and vendors’ internal systems. This enables them to reduce the order cycle, communicate delivery dates, and more. This is just one example of how AllianceTek can facilitate seamless communication between your business and your vendors.

Bring Your Vision to Life

If you have an idea for anything from a mobile application to software as a service, but don’t know how to move it from concept to reality, it’s like imagining a beautiful house you want to build but not having the architectural plans or the skills to build it. Your idea alone may never come to fruition. But if you partner with AllianceTek, we’ll take it step by step. We start by clearly defining what you want to achieve. Then we detail the requirements according to key stakeholder needs, develop your application and launch it and partner with you for the long term, continuing to nurture it as it grows and changes, hosting and supporting it.

Scale Your Business

Can your company easily support two, three, or four times more business? There’s a fundamental difference between the corner general store and Walmart. Scale to rake in the profits you need to achieve:

Repeatable processes and systems are optimal for a changing environment.

Leveraging large-scale computer services platforms, hardware, and software.

If your business is like many others, as your company grows, it’s likely your processes will evolve somewhat haphazardly. In the day-to-day rush to achieve your objectives, you may not have taken the time to dissect your process’ efficiency and discover what’s robbing profitability from your bottom line. We can analyze your processes, suggest more efficient routes and transform the way you conduct business, enabling you to scale your operations in order to multiply your earnings.


When you have a window into what’s working and what’s not, you can continually improve your internal processes and how you go to market. We create dashboards that enable you to check the pulse of your business, allowing you to extract critical insights from data, fine tune your business machine, and continue to tweak your processes for optimal performance.In summary, we increase reliability, speed, and agility so you can achieve sustainable advantages and leap frog over your competitors.

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