Shortcodes are special mobile numbers that are short and therefore easy to remember.You can rent a dedicated shortcode for your application or configure keywords on shared shortcodes. Once setup you can interact with your customers through a medium they already love at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional call centers.

Our shortcodes are already integrated with most telecom service providers in India which means you can reach your customers regardless of which network they are on.

Example of short code usage-
  Text Voting (as on TV shows)
  Lead Generation
  Feedback collection
  Contests and Promotions
  Event Solutions
  Fun & Interactivity

Longcodes are 10-digit virtual mobile numbers that can be used for both SMS and voice communication. Setup your interactive voice application and make it available on a long code or publish your long code to your customers and interact with them over SMS. Longcodes are globally accessible which means your customers around the world can now reach you.

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