There are various forms of Vocational Training, such as Software Development, Website Design, Web Hosting and many more… Thus, the type of training is based entirely on the type of vocational courses that one undergoes. Such vocational training have become quite popular, all around the world that many high schools, colleges/universities have included such vocational training and courses in the curriculum with the significant objective of creating the students with enhanced skills for a specific job, besides the awareness of the specific job.

Our courses feature hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios-in just a matter of days, you'll be more productive and embracing new technology standards. The goal of our training program is to provide the world with skilled human resources who are competent to practice and provide solutions in an ever-changing technology world.

To attain this goal, OSR Business And Technology uses a robust and well-researched proven training model. Trainees are exposed to a wide range of professional role models, mentors, and trainers while in the process they develop a professional identity that is uniquely their own.

We believe that self-awareness and the ability to continually reflect on one's own personal dynamics are critical to the development of effective professional skills. Towards this aim, trainees may be asked to engage in a process of personal exploration with their supervisors and trainers. In this process, mentors will encourage trainees to discuss and reflect upon how their experiences, personal qualities, and interpersonal dynamics related to their professional functioning. Mentors take care to create a training relationship characterized by trust, safety, and respect. They also take care to differentiate between training and supervision. As such, the focus of the discussion is always directly related to the trainees professional functioning and development.

Since we always believe that each trainee bring with them their own unique skills and abilities, training staff recognizes and encourage them to develop and enhance these while sharing with other trainees. During the training period, our mentors provide an appropriate, graded sequence of experiential learning activities. Trainees are expected to attain increasing levels of autonomy and complexity in their progression from the role of student to the role of entry level professional by the end of the training where as our corporate training programs make the experienced profession filled with new passion to face the next project challenge with full confidence.

Every field has started to deliver many vocational job opportunities to the people. The primary reason for such changes is that the fields have obviously got widened across the boundaries, say for Nowadays, the job opportunities demand huge set of skills from the job seekers, right from the day of joining the organization, especially during the period of economic crisis, where most of the organizations shut their doors to the fresh graduates who were budding from their graduation with high career dreams. Hence, the vocational training have become the vital role in the job seekers' life. There are variety of options available to the candidates who wish to get enrolled in the vocational training.

Part time vocational training are quite popular among the students, as they could get the work experience, while undergoing the education too. Some institutions offer flexible timings, normally they decide on the schedule after discussing it with the participating candidates. Even the venue of the vocational training could also be selected by the candidates in some institutions.

There are also programs for housewives, who could take the training at their convenient timings and the vocational training is also offered leisurely for the old people.

Our Training Methodology includes:

Class room Lectures
Group Discussions
Case studies
Paper Presentation.
Interaction with various organization and experts from the fields
Learning by actual doing the work
Observing live Models of various projects

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